Music Projects

Here you can find a variety of my music projects. I will be adding to this section on a regular basis.

[You can also go to this discography for a near-complete list of collections I’ve recorded.]

Thermionic Moon

I put up a new website devoted to 8-bit chiptunes and other electronic music.

Recent Songs

You can listen to the latest songs from The Music Society here.

I took part in a songwriting challenge for February in which I wrote and recorded 14 songs in a month. The plan was to make rough and simple recordings that I can build on in the future.  Take a listen.

Soundtracks, Themes, Etc.
I wrote the music for the official Guinea Something Good flash game/iPad app “Bounce or Die”. It’s a trip back to the 80s and an addictive game. Here’s the flash version.

I also wrote the official theme song. Check out the official video.

8-Bit Tunes
Check out, download, and distribute these retro 8-bit tunes:

Wake Up, ENIAC! (2011) – EP

The Meaning of J (2010) – EP

The Olde Music Society
I wrote and recorded three albums, one EP, and a couple of smaller collections for The Music Society between 2003 and 2007. I’ve changed my singing style and approach to songwriting since then, so I’m calling this The Olde Music Society. You can download these lost classics and distribute them to your heart’s content.

The Limits of Love Pt. I (2007) – EP

Journey to the Center of the Sphere (2006)

How Ant Misses Its Home! (2005)

Midnight Survivoreia (2003)

Tears of Rational Knowing (2003)