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14-Songs-in-a-Month Challenge 2013

I’ve decided to take part in the February Album Writing Month challenge again this year. I’m much busier than last time around, so I’m not sure I’ll succeed again. But at least I’ll get a few tunes out of it. I’ll be adding them to this Soundcloud set as I finish them. I’m going to spend one hour max on music and lyrics for each song.

Thermionic Moon – “Cold Touch”

Back to the 80s! Official music video for “Cold Touch” by Thermionic Moon.
Directing/editing/music: John Thomas Mumm
Performance: Oscar Lopez, Arielle Thomas

The Second Thermionic Moon EP: “Wake Up, ENIAC!” (2011)

A concept EP? Or in any case, the latest collection of retro electronica.

Click here to download the whole set.

Alien – Rough Recording

Here’s one of the songs I recorded for FAWM’s 14-songs-in-a-month challenge. I tried to stick with simple guitar/vocal arrangements that I could build on in the future. This is one of a few that I’m thinking of developing into finished songs.

The First Thermionic Moon EP: The Meaning of J (2010)

Take a brief step back in time to an EP that will take you even further back, all the way to the glory days of 8-bit music.

Click here to download the collection.

Ascend, Return

Here’s the latest song from The Music Society.